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Comfort can be created even with modest financial opportunities. Buying expensive furniture, accessories, finishing materials does not guarantee that the new interior will be successful. In photoblog PROINTERIOR.INFO collected practical tips, experience of professional designers and Amateurs. You will not make mistakes when creating, changing the interior of an apartment, house or office, if you listen to us. The resource has articles about landscaping, exterior design, selection of construction and finishing materials, installation of communications. Have you come up with a non-standard design solution? Tell us about it in the photoblog. The site for creative people always has a green light!

epoxy resin in the interior

Furniture made of epoxy resin

Post for those who want to be closer to nature. Let’s start with the fact that at one time one of these nature lovers created the TryWood technology

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Concrete interior

A relatively new direction in design was the use of concrete in the creation of interior interiors. Previously, concrete was not considered a finishing material. No one even thought to decorate the rooms of their houses and apartments with concrete.

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concrete in the interior
felt stones

Felt stones

Felt stones are a new trend. Do you like to collect stones when you travel? As a souvenir or as a decoration for your home. For those who love stones, there is a decorative alternative that is currently very fashionable and has an unusual charm: felt stones.

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Wall stickers

Creative life with wall stickers. Who was looking for a creative, so you are on the spot. creative, right here! Exciting and beautiful motifs on your wall in different categories. Whether it’s a saying, a quote, an ornament or an abstraction. It is allowed, which pleases! Just look around and get inspired.

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wall tattoos
black interior

Black interior

Black is rapidly gaining popularity in modern interiors and is painting more and more design objects. This color gives unlimited scope for imagination in the design of living and working space.

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Island exterior

Island exterior: when nature and man are one. The popularity of the island style in the exterior of country houses, country houses, cafes, restaurants is steadily growing. The original design direction tends to the use of natural materials, gives a special comfort that residents of large cities are deprived of.

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island exterior