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Comfort can be created even with modest financial opportunities. Buying expensive furniture, accessories, finishing materials does not guarantee that the new interior will be successful. In photoblog PROINTERIOR.INFO collected practical tips, experience of professional designers and Amateurs. You will not make mistakes when creating, changing the interior of an apartment, house or office, if you listen to us. The resource has articles about landscaping, exterior design, selection of construction and finishing materials, installation of communications. Have you come up with a non-standard design solution? Tell us about it in the photoblog. The site for creative people always has a green light!


Mint interior

Mint color appeared due to a mixture of cold green and blue shades. Its varieties include bright aquamarine, light mint. These are pleasant and calm colors, from which there is a breath of sea freshness, refreshing coolness and the indescribable charm of a spring morning.

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Bunk beds

Bunk bed with wardrobe – convenience and functionality When we talk about a bunk bed, we mean a children’s bed with two tiers and a wardrobe is usually present in the complex with it. But there are also transformer beds that turn into bunk beds after simple manipulations.

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Glass furniture

Glass furniture: a modern solution in the interior In the age of high technologies, a huge number of different materials are being invented, which are used in all industries. Improved formulas allow you to give objects new useful qualities, while reducing the cost of production and cost.

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Bamboo in the interior

The use of bamboo in interior design. Bamboo has long been popular in our country along with rattan. This is despite the fact that both are not typical for our area. The plant is unique, it is easy to find many applications in the design of the room.

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Wooden lamps

Wooden lamps in the interior: practicality and natural beauty. Wooden lamps are already several hundred years old, but they do not lose their relevance. This is easily explained by the characteristics of natural material, which is suitable for the decoration of country cottages, apartments, offices.

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White interior

As a rule, when planning a home decoration, we try to choose between warm and cold colors. But for many people, the favorite color in interior decoration is white.

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