concrete in the interior

Concrete interior

A relatively new direction in design was the use of concrete in the creation of interior interiors.
Previously, concrete was not considered a finishing material. No one even thought to decorate the rooms of their houses and apartments with concrete.

However, the logical development of styles such as minimalism and loft should have led to the use of concrete for decoration. Now the use of raw concrete elements in the interior has become very fashionable.

concrete interior
Designers say that it is necessary to use more boldly concrete surfaces in interior design. Concrete, although created artificially, nevertheless has a one-hundred-percent natural basis. And its roughness and visually distinguishable brushstrokes, stripes and tool marks only give the concrete its uniqueness.

concrete walls in the interior

concrete in the interior of the room

concrete in the interior of the house

Indeed, the combination of raw and untreated concrete surfaces with bright and juicy colors of other decorative elements creates an unexpectedly interesting aesthetic effect.

concrete in the bedroom interior

concrete walls in the apartment

interior with concrete walls

concrete walls

concrete interior

decorative concrete
The advantages of concrete are its availability, ability to process quickly, ductility and low cost. Everyone knows that the concrete floor, subjected to grinding, gets a beautiful appearance. The concrete surfaces treated in this way compete with marble and granite in beauty and sophistication.

decorative concrete in the interior

concrete ceilings

bare concrete walls
Concrete is also used as separate decorative elements. Such interior details can be used not only separately, but also in combination with other elements. The concrete surface is considered cold, so concrete is used in a contrasting combination with warm surfaces, such as wood. Surprisingly, this combination favorably emphasizes the texture of the wood.

beautiful concrete interior

bare concrete ceiling

bare concrete ceiling in the apartment
Glass is very well combined with concrete. The transparent or milky glass surface sets off the natural texture of the concrete well. Often, various metals are used to combine with concrete. Non-ferrous alloys of a yellow shade are well combined with an untreated concrete surface of gray color.

concrete kitchen interior

bare concrete ceiling in the house

bare concrete ceiling in the kitchen

It should be especially noted that it is possible to make concrete elements of different shapes and configurations. In such cases, concrete installations are even compared to sculptures. Unpolished columns and arches look very aesthetically pleasing in the interior. Some designers even make concrete pieces of furniture – benches, couches, shelves and chairs.

uncut concrete

bare walls in the house

Decoration of concrete floors

Concrete floors are known for their durability and increased wear resistance. Experts also note the absence of any harmful properties for the human body.
It is noteworthy that the concrete floor can be used in its original form, and you can treat its surface. Most often, concrete floors are subjected to grinding and polishing. Since the floor is filled with liquid concrete, it is possible to arrange inclusions of elements from other materials in the floor. Concrete floors with inclusions after appropriate treatment are very similar to mosaic floors.

concrete bathroom

concrete bathroom walls

The concrete can also be coated. Most often, paint coatings are used. A well-polished and varnished concrete floor will be the main element of the interior.

decorative concrete wall

walls without plaster

Paint is also used as a coating for concrete floors. The paint is produced using the same technology as for conventional wooden floors. The use of paints allows you to apply drawings on the surface of the concrete floor, including in color. Usually, stencils are used for this, but hand-painted concrete floors are also possible. Amateurs create entire art panels on the surface of concrete floors.
For safety reasons, various impurities are added to the concrete intended for pouring the floor, which reduces sliding. The latest achievements of the chemical industry – admixtures in concrete, imitating various surfaces. Now you can see concrete floors, which are visually difficult to distinguish from wood, marble or granite.

concrete staircase in the house

concrete walls and ceilings

concrete-style apartment

Decoration of concrete walls and ceilings

The concrete walls look quite rough, but they are a great backdrop for other interior elements. A bright, colorful picture literally brings the concrete wall to life.

concrete walls in the interior

It is practiced to finish with concrete only one wall in the room.
Concrete ceilings are usually found in high rooms. In such rooms, it is necessary to make the walls darker than the ceiling. Shiny metal fixtures in the high-tech style perfectly complement the design of the concrete ceiling.

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