black interior

Black interior

Black is rapidly gaining popularity in modern interiors and is painting more and more design objects. This color gives unlimited scope for imagination in the design of living and working space.

 black color in the interior


He can look modest or chic, simple or noble-depending on how to beat him.

interior in black photo

Wall decoration in black

Traditionally, black walls in the room are usually complemented with contrasting white, light pastel tones or decorated with luxurious gilded accessories. Paintings or stylistically well-chosen photos framed with carved gilded or silver-plated frames will look win-win. Many art lovers decorate their workrooms or living rooms in this way, creating the effect of a home gallery. In a room decorated with picture frames, it will be interesting to look at the combination of matte black wood with the glossy sheen of a black wall.

black color in the interior of the photo

photo of a black room

 black walls in the house

interior in dark colors

interior photo in black tones

In combination with futuristic accessories or pieces of furniture, the usual black will look less conservative and will emphasize the non-standard personality of the owner. Modern designers offer a wide selection of original shelves and other designs that meet the aesthetic needs of even the most demanding person.

black walls in the interior

photo of a house with black walls

black wallpaper photo

An interesting and practical solution will be a black matte wall a la “school board”. In the children’s room, it will serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and in the kitchen it will allow you to make various notes – recipes, shopping lists or just cute notes to family members.

black wallpaper in the house

dark interior

Black color and floor design

First of all, it is worth noting that only very clean owners can afford dark-colored floors. The black coating will flaunt every speck and speck of dust. A non – uniform black floor with various patterns, decorative streaks, imitating natural materials will look more practical in this case.

black floor photo

black ceiling photo

black interior in the apartment

black floor in the apartment

black room photo

photo of the living room in black

A special mention is the floor made of dark wood. With proper care, it will be a source of pride, emphasizing the respectability of the owner. Such a coating is ideal for a study and will demonstrate the success of the owner of the room and the prospects of working with him.

black living room

If you decide to ennoble the living space with a dark floor, then it is recommended to “dilute” it with cozy elements. In the bedroom, fur rugs in front of the bed, blankets of light shades are often used for this purpose. In the girl’s room, soft toys or chic porcelain dolls will serve as a successful decoration.

black furniture photo

black furniture in the house

photo of the apartment in black

apartment in black

black finish

black interior in the bedroom

black bedroom interior photo

Accessories, furniture and color combinations

Black color can be not only a background in the apartment, but also an independent accent of the interior – it will invariably attract attention. The black sofa in the room will become the dominant of the interior. And the style of the entire room depends on what to supplement it with. For example, light pillows framed with lace will give romance and lightness. An eclectic bedspread, geometric patterns and black wooden window frames will allow you to create an unusual image in an ethnic style. Comfort in a room with dark walls is also achieved with the help of restrained wooden furniture in natural colors.

photo black apartment interior

dark tones in the interior


For those who are afraid to visually reduce the space with black, there is a perfect solution – mirrors. They visually expand the room and make it brighter.

bedroom in black tone

Black color is gaining more and more territory in the interiors. Modern designers create mysterious jewelry made of dark glass – unusual vases, chandeliers. The bathrooms are complemented with black plumbing fixtures. Even in the bedroom, black no longer seems strange, and with a competent combination of colors and textures, it implements the most unusual ideas.



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