island exterior

Island exterior

Island exterior: when nature and man are one.
The popularity of the island style in the exterior of country houses, country houses, cafes, restaurants is steadily growing. The original design direction tends to the use of natural materials, gives a special comfort that residents of large cities are deprived of.

island exterior

The Tropics as a source of inspiration

The island style has no authors and no exact date of birth, but this does not prevent it from being at the peak of changeable fashion. The source of inspiration for designers who adhere to this direction is the southern seas, oceans, tropical islands, where the original culture of local peoples has been developing for thousands of years. Experts recognize the island style as an independent phenomenon in design and the conditional name of a whole group of trends that have basic common features and various regional bindings.

island style house

island style

island style photo

island style in the country

The island states miraculously managed to preserve their uniqueness. They were influenced by Arab, European, and American cultures, but nature constantly made adjustments to the process. Foreign innovations did not meet the needs of local residents, did not meet the difficult conditions of the region. The island states of Southeast Asia are a seismic zone, typhoons, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, and other natural disasters reign here. This part of the planet is called an earthly paradise for its beauty, but the living conditions here are such that the house is a refuge for all occasions. Therefore, the island style was formed under the influence of the need for buildings where you can hide in any cataclysm.

island house style

island style photo

photo of the island exterior

pebbles in the exterior of the house

Island houses are a real ode to natural materials: palm wood, bamboo, reeds, clay, sand, pebbles, stones of volcanic origin. All elements of the exterior and interior work to create a calm, reliable, peaceful atmosphere of relaxation, where only natural colors and shades rule the ball. There is no place for plastic, metal, innovative design solutions in the interior and exterior decoration of buildings. The only concession to modernity is wooden Euro Windows and Euro doors.

natural stone in the exterior

natural stone in the exterior photo

The exterior design in the island style has many faces, but it obeys 3 basic rules:
* keeps a focus on natural shapes and simplicity,
• does not contrast buildings with their surrounding environment,
* puts practicality and security issues at the forefront.
Windows in island houses and doors are the main sources of lighting. The upper floor of buildings is often a light canopy, whose beams are made of wood. There was a place for arches and columns in the exterior of such houses. They play the role of additional supports, increase the strength of buildings.

cottage in the southern style

dacha in the southern style photo

southern style house photo

southern style exterior

southern style exterior photo

Why is there a garden in the tropics?
The question constantly arises when looking at island houses. Is there really not enough greenery around them? The gardens are another interesting tribute to the natural conditions. If the vegetation around the buildings is not improved, not put in order, in a couple of years the rainforest will swallow up the houses (it will be simply impossible to get to them through the thickets). However, the exotic style is fashionable not only in hot countries where there is no shortage of palm trees. Is there a chance to arrange such a beauty outside the tropics?& nbsp;Yes! It may not be possible to recreate the exterior of an island building one by one, but its elements will transform even the most modest country house.

tropical style exterior photo

tropical style exterior

asian style exterior

asian-style exterior photo

island-style exterior

tropical garden

tropical garden photo

tropical style cottage

We are arranging a corner of a tropical paradise
To solve the problem, you will need:
* tropical plants and relatively comfortable climatic conditions for them;
* wooden beams made from solid tree trunks;
* garden furniture made of wood and bamboo;
* sea pebbles for finishing the walls of the house, curbs, garden paths;
* reeds (it will successfully replace reeds) for light canopies and roofs.

islander exterior

house on the island photo

To make the interior of the house match its exterior, it is better to whitewash the walls and decorate them with masks and figurines made of wood or clay. The ultimate aerobatics in such transformations will be the original statuettes of old island deities that bring happiness ― they are usually placed in the eastern part of the house. Do not forget to get rid of unnecessary internal partitions, replace such familiar carpets and rugs with woven mats. Place your bet on simple wooden furniture, wooden and earthenware dishes, reed wicker accessories.

southern house photo



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