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Furniture made of epoxy resin

Post for those who want to be closer to nature. Let’s start with the fact that at one time one of these nature lovers created the TryWood technology – the production of tables made of wood and artistic epoxy resin.
And some history. the idea to create something beautiful from defective pieces of wood or even from waste in sawmills came to the mind of American carpenter Greg Klassen.

epoxy table

The most famous collection of the master called River Collection impresses with its uniqueness. Each work is individual and there is no second one. However, there is a difference between ready-made versions of an American product and a product from domestic craftsmen. Greg inserted solid glass into the space between the boards before using epoxy.

epoxy table
green epoxy
stump in epoxy
photo of epoxy resin
beautiful Desk

Material features< / p>

It is a synthetic compound of oligomers. Its unusual properties appear only in interaction with other substances or objects (in this particular case, with a hole or a cut-out shape).

snag stump epoxy
round coffee table
river table
blue river epoxy
< p>by Changing the basic composition, you can adjust the characteristics and make the material of any structure: liquid, solid, strong, rubber. It is necessary to add a hardener that increases the strength and resistance to chemicals and liquids.

beautiful epoxy table
coffee tables

The unusual performance properties of epoxy resin help owners of residential properties to equip interiors with practical items and floor coverings with a unique design.

polymer resin bench
epoxy in the home interior
transparent resin tables
slabs with epoxy
hall table

this material is also used to fill the work surfaces of tables without hindrance. The integrity of the coating formed by the substance is preserved under the influence of mechanical loads, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and other external factors. And thanks to the use of decoupage, photo-printed images, mosaic drawings and other spectacular design methods, a professionally finished plane acquires an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

epoxy chairs
green epoxy
tree slice
beautiful stump
table from a stump slice
wood and epoxy clock

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: uniqueness and uniqueness, water resistance, protection from abrasive effects and unlimited possibilities for imagination.
Minuses: the cost of material and of course labor.

slab wall clock
snag epoxy
root cut
epoxy bench
furniture and polymers

the two-Component composition for table top decoration is made using a hardener and resin. Its application is accompanied by protection of the respiratory tract with a respirator and mandatory covering of the visual organs with glasses. The poured substance fills the existing irregularities and hardens without being damaged by shrinkage processes. Its rather dense layer resists direct contact with liquids for a long time, and the elasticity property allows the material not to be covered with a network of cracks of various sizes. But after increasing the temperature parameter, the solution begins to melt.

< p>Expensive epoxy resin for table top decoration is becoming cheaper compared to similar tools that are used to treat surfaces with increased coefficients of loads that reduce the thickness of the coating, which are forced to resist mechanical influences and periodic moisture saturation. When the substance in question is filled with a wooden surface, the wood pores are filled with resin, and the product is protected from damage by ultraviolet rays, various solvents, microscopic organisms, seasonal or accidental moistening with liquids.

wood countertop

loft style bench

epoxy resin products

table to bar

stones in epoxy

epoxy night light

Among the decorative advantages of epoxy resin is the possibility of forming seamless patterns, textures that imitate natural materials of textures. The structure is freely supplemented with pigmenting components and allows masters to create interior elements with all possible geometric outlines (in the latter case, the complexity of the work is controlled by the density of the resulting consistency). But the use of epoxy resin for unique interior decoration makes apartment owners take into account a certain number of negative aspects.

white river epoxy

glass in the tree

furniture and glass

epoxy dining table

 slab table in transparent resin

 epoxy office table

polished slab

thus, the preparation of the solution is accompanied by protection of the body from damage by toxic fumes through glasses and a respirator. To get the perfect result, the master mixing the ingredients must unquestioningly observe the coefficients of proportional ratios left by the manufacturer on the packaging of the purchased substance. If the temperature drops sharply inside the living space, the deep layers of the decor will get flake-like inclusions. A highly heated material will liquefy and release substances that worsen the well-being of people.

transparent epoxy table

sawn wood table

 wooden slab kitchen table

how to process a slab

 river table

table with luminescent epoxy

Countertops made by means of epoxy.

Today there are several variants of countertops obtained by means of the material under consideration:

< p>• consisting of resin, without a base — the first option is preferred by manufacturers engaged in the production of items that do not experience the negative impact of increased load. These include, for example, coffee or coffee tables.

 loft style epoxy table

luminous epoxy table

• In boards consisting of epoxy plays the role of a protective coating — the second option is characterized by the presence of a base made of chipboards, wood massifs, multiplex and similar materials. Photo-printed images, stencil paintings, and mosaic compositions are applied to it before pouring the solution. Some designers beautifully combine various items (shells, coins, and so on), in General, how much imagination is enough.

author's table made of epoxy resin


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