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Comfort can be created even with modest financial opportunities. Buying expensive furniture, accessories, finishing materials does not guarantee that the new interior will be successful. In photoblog PROINTERIOR.INFO collected practical tips, experience of professional designers and Amateurs. You will not make mistakes when creating, changing the interior of an apartment, house or office, if you listen to us. The resource has articles about landscaping, exterior design, selection of construction and finishing materials, installation of communications. Have you come up with a non-standard design solution? Tell us about it in the photoblog. The site for creative people always has a green light!


On the balcony

Even yesterday, the balconies served as a warehouse for all sorts of junk or as storerooms, where canned goods and other unnecessary things were stored on the shelves. Today, balconies are operated differently. From this small room, a recreation area is made, which looks like a small winter garden or a study. In our case, […]

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Interior of the wine cellar

In the Middle Ages, wine and weapons were kept as the most valuable and important (someone who is close to it will understand me).& nbsp; As Pliny the Elder used to say: «In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas». Don’t forget about it and enjoy your life !

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The main, I would even say – the key element, in the country in the recreation area is a gazebo. The gazebo is the perfect place to relax and party in the fresh air. Massive stone or carved wood, covered with vines, they are ideal for private conversations and family dinners.

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Varieties and characteristics of fireplaces in some parameters. In an apartment or in a country house, a fireplace of any modification is the center of attraction to the charm and fascinating magic of the flames.

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The Hobbit’s House

The trilogy of the English writer J. R. R. Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings” has become a real bestseller and a new direction in the fantasy genre. The film adaptation of the novel influenced both fashion trends in interior design and architecture in general.

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Hiding place in the house

Unfortunately, no one is insured against apartment theft. No matter how reliable your locks and the door itself may seem to you – this will not stop intruders. Even modern technologies will not help to secure your home 100 percent. But you can at least make it as difficult as possible for a thief to […]

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