About the site

Vladimir Pavlov

PROINTERIOR.INFO — all interior design styles.

Interior is a project of space, light, materials, colors and furniture where everything interacts.

On this site I do not sell anything and do not advertise (yet), just keep a photo blog about interior styles and I’m interested.
I offer my visitors a selection of materials about interior design.
This project also provides an extensive list of different types of styles, their detailed descriptions and interesting photos that will allow you to fully understand the essence and content of each of these design solutions.
I will try to provide useful and clear information about interior design styles, give as complete a list of interior styles, there are many, here is a selection of some of the most common or popular interior styles.
One style can complement the next and create a whole new one.

I suggest you use this material to get a General idea of interior styles, what is involved in each of them, how they differ, and how to create them.

If you are interested in this content, welcome to join us!

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