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OntoArt style in the interior: long live Creativity!

OntoArt is the only direction in modern design that unquestioningly obeys the rule: everything light and bright should be natural. How to decipher it?

ontoart interior style
In the best traditions of sunny Italy.
The creator of an amazing style in art is considered an Italian, whose name became a household name at the end of the last and the beginning of this century: Antonio Meneghetti. He not only invented OntoArt, whose ideas have their roots in the Renaissance! Antonio Meneghetti was an iconic personality. The Italian, a follower of Catholicism, renounced the priesthood, married and went down in history as an outstanding philosopher, psychologist, writer, artist, restorer, musician, couturier, psychotherapist.

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ontoart in the interior

ontoart in interior photo
Why did a person abandon the beaten path? Everything is very simple and complicated at the same time: Meneghetti was faced with human suffering, with the fact that sermons, medical technologies do not help heal souls. He proposed new methods that can restore people’s strength, program the psyche for positive, and treat somatic diseases.

ontoart in the interior of the house
There were many contrasts in his life: teaching at the world’s leading universities and wandering, a prison sentence due to fraud charges and the assignment of honorary Brazilian citizenship. The indefatigable genius was able to do exhausting rehabilitation work with drug addicts and successful clinical practice, when he was able to prove to the whole world: without drugs, hypnosis, it is possible and necessary to treat mental and nervous disorders.
The new style of OntoArt in the interior, created by Meneghetti in the 70-80-ies of the last century, showed fundamentally new ways in the organization of the space of residential, non-residential buildings, public spaces. A unique direction is the art of life, an attempt to stop the invasion of human beings, the transformation of people into zombie creatures that live according to laws imposed by manufacturers of the same type of goods and services.

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ontoart style in the interior of the house

ontoart style

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Man is the creator of his life!
Meneghetti did not participate in demonstrations against the construction of skyscrapers. And yet, like Don Quixote, he fought with public opinion for humanistic ideas. In contrast to the ideology of humanists, he developed the principles of creating interiors of houses and apartments where you want to live, be happy, raise children and just enjoy every moment of being.

ontoart interior style

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The business card of the OntoArt style in the interior: an abundance of light and white color. In such an environment of human habitation there is no place for gloom, uniformity, banality.

ontoart in the house
According to the canons of style:
* Residential, public, commercial spaces (even in non-prestigious areas) should be cozy.
* Designers need to focus on the comfort and real needs of people.
* The formation of a health-saving environment must begin with the creation of a fundamentally new energy of real estate objects.
It is these approaches that allow innovative style to combine creativity and practicality, individuality and conciseness, uniqueness and elegance of design solutions.

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How to find out the OntoArt style in the interior?
The new direction in art is not devoid of eclecticism. It does not set boundaries between stylistic solutions, but tends to minimalism, functionalism, eco-style. OntoArt is laconic, and its external simplicity, lightness, airiness is the result of the rejection of standard color combinations in favor of a riot of natural colors, the arrangement of bright color accents.

ontoart in the living roomThe main features of the life-affirming style:
* Active use of pieces of furniture, paintings, combinations of contrasting finishing materials for zoning space.
* Bold decisions when disparate objects seem to be arranged strangely and at the same time create a sense of subtext (not always decent …).
* Arrangement of furniture strictly in accordance with the purpose of the zones in the premises.
* The use of multi-level lighting technologies to emphasize the naturalness of the space.
* Absence of aggressive dominance of sculptures, paintings, massive accessories over other objects in the premises.
All this creates an atmosphere of freshness, celebration, sets up a positive mood.

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ontoart in the photo room

ontoart interior style
Simple ideas for solving the super task of becoming happy
The OntoArt style in the interior is focused on the use of natural materials and yet does not completely exclude the use of composites. His concept of space organization promotes rapid relief from stress, nervous overload, increased vitality, awakening of creative thinking, the desire to change everyday life for the better.

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ontoart interior style photo

ontoart photo
How to turn the premises into the realm of ONTOART:
* It is better to initially adhere to the rules of a free layout, not to clutter, not to divide a single space with doors, blank walls.
• Do not be afraid to purchase a variety of furniture of strict and streamlined, complex, strange shapes, experiment with prints, massive designer accessories.
• For the finishing coating, it makes sense to use plastering, painting, finishing with panels of organic glass, natural wood or wallpapering, whose pattern can be strict geometric or consist of repeating plant ornaments.
• If you don’t like laminate, ceramic tiles, parquet (they will perfectly fit into the interior in the OntoArt style), try experimenting with self-leveling floors. Such a finishing coating will last as long as possible and will retain its original performance characteristics even under conditions of increased loads.
* Feel free to mix different colors and try to avoid extremes so that contrasting combinations do not dominate white and bright tones are harmoniously dosed.

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how to make an ontoart
Do you like massive chandeliers? They also correspond to the concept of the OntoArt style in the interior, if you add spotlights, floor lamps, sconces to those. The design direction also provides for the active use of living plants for the organization of space. Representatives of the flora world look intriguingly, sweetly next to the paintings where they are captured.

how to make an ontoart at home

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interior style how to make an ontoart in an apartment

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Why are designers sure that style is the future?
The new direction has not exhausted its potential and is just beginning to move into the stage of heyday, worldwide popularity. An important advantage of the OntoArt style in the interior is the absence of formalism. He puts a person and his life at the center of the universe, thereby proclaiming the primary value of comfort, personal health, her interests, dreams, aspirations and all that is commonly called simple human happiness.

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