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Technological progress is rapidly absorbing all the islands of wildlife in our lives. The interior style of bionics, on the contrary, strives to bring as much naturalness as possible into everyday existence. Preserving natural beauty with modern technologies is the main concept of bionic style.

bionics in the interior

A little bit from the history of bionics

In a broad sense, bionics is a science that studies biological processes in order to use them for engineering purposes. In design, bionics was first used as an architectural term by the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. He created innovative projects of schools and residential buildings in which urban buildings harmoniously combined with the surrounding nature.

bionics in the interior photo

photo bionics in the interior

As for bionics itself as an interior style, it can be called quite young. It originated in Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century, but it was recognized as a full-fledged independent stele only in the seventies. During this time, bionics as an interior style has acquired features that would distinguish it from many other styles: the repetition of natural lines, the absence of strict zoning of the room, the use of natural materials and the latest technologies. The concept of the bionic style is dictated by nature itself.

bionics interior

bionic interior

bionics in the apartment interior


Since the main task of the bionic style is to preserve harmony with nature, natural materials are used as much as possible in the interior. Particular preference is given to wood and natural stone, marble and leather.

Bionics is also characterized by the presence of a large number of glossy and glass surfaces. Their presence allows you to create the effect of a brighter and more spacious room.

bionic interior style

bionic interior style

Color scheme and lighting

The interior in the bionic style should be light and light, so the color scheme is selected accordingly. For the decoration of the room, only pastel colors are allowed. The only exception can be natural colors: green grass or sea waves.

bionic furniture

bionics in the house

photo bionic style

Special attention in the bionic interior is paid to lighting. Undoubtedly, natural light is very important for creating a full-fledged image of a “living” interior, but artificial lighting is often used to enhance the effect created and highlight certain areas.

how to make in bionic style

bionics in the hallway interior

bionics in the living room interior

bionics in the bedroom interior

bionics in the interior of premises

create a bionic style in the interior


The bionic style is a kind of combination of high-tech, minimalism and futurism styles. It also particularly values the free space and functionality of each piece of interior. As for furniture in the bionic style – it can be different, the most bizarre shapes and sizes, but at the same time all pieces of furniture have smooth shapes and do not overload, but rather complement the natural image of the interior. For example, an armchair can be made in the form of a blooming flower, and a bed can look like a forest lawn. At the same time, modern technologies are widely used in the bionic style, so, for example, a cabinet can be hidden in a cabinet, and its doors open when pressed.

bionic interior style

bio in the interior

bio interior


Just as there are no two identical snowflakes in nature, for example, so every element of the interior is unique in the bionic style. Symmetry and pairing are considered the main enemies of the interior of this style.

bionic interior

The bionic-style interior is not overloaded with small decorative elements, since its entire concept is one big decoration. Curved walls, irregularly shaped windows, intricate suspended structures that mimic the structures of cells and many other elements together create a unique interior that marks the symbiosis of man with nature.

bionic style history

bionics in the interior description

bionic style as it appeared

bionic style room


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