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So, let’s start with the most important thing, with the intricate word “hugge”, and it comes from snowy and windy Denmark.
What is hugge? There is no literal translation of this concept. In the English dictionary, this concept is a cozy and friendly atmosphere, Danish and Norwegian defines “hygge” as something familiar and safe, good and cozy.


It’s a whole philosophy, lifestyle and way of thinking; a design direction and a way to spend time. Hugge is to “get cozy”, build a nest, fill the house with delicious smells, read your favorite book, curled up under a fluffy blanket with a cup of cocoa. Hugge means playing board games with friends, baking potatoes in a campfire with children, stroking a cat. Hugge is a real trend.

interior in the style of hugge

hugge style house

hygge style
“Hygge” can be clothes – cozy, even a little worn, always warm and soft; the food is delicious, hearty, home-cooked with love; and even furniture, music and trips – all can be huge! Hugge is difficult to explain, but it can be felt.
And I think the Danes know a lot about pleasure.

hugge interior design
Hugge’s design is another of her achievements. The design reflects the worldview of local residents. For them, home is an island of comfort, happiness and peace always reign here. The Danish-style interior is devoid of status, on the contrary, it is ordinary. His wealth lies elsewhere – in the pleasant little things that fill the house. Wicker baskets, various dishes, fruit bowls with cones and berries, glass vases with twigs, mirrors in fancy frames and paintings form a special mood.

hugge interior style

hugge style room

hugge in the interior of the room
With what to compare hugge? This direction has absorbed the best features of other styles. Hugge can compete with country music in terms of coziness, but at the same time remains functional as modern. There is a similarity with minimalism – both styles strive for simplicity, prefer “clear” colors. Hugge tends to be nostalgic – here and there you can notice cute old things with history – this traces his connection with shabby chic.

interior of the hugge house

hygge interior in the bedroom

hugge interior style

design in the style of hugge
The abundance of natural textiles is important in the design. Fabrics made of satin, linen, cotton prevail here. Decorative pillows, fluffy carpets and wool blankets. All this sets a warm mood for Hugge.
Paradoxically, windows are rarely decorated with curtains. But this is the main textile in any interior. The Danes refuse it in order to let as much light into the room as possible, which is not enough in the northern region. Numerous suspensions, sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers are designed to compensate for the lack of natural lighting. Don’t be afraid to overdo it with light sources – the more of them, the better.

hugge design

hugge apartment design

hugge house design
The palette of Hugge “north”. White, gray, and cream shades predominate here. Cool tones of blue, green, and yellow are used as accent colors. A live fire in the fireplace and on candles helps to warm the room – it floods everything with amber light, gives a special charm to the design.
What kind of furniture fills the hugge room? A functional set made of light solid wood will fit perfectly into the Danish interior. Preference is given to furniture with simple shapes. In this design, a cozy windowsill-sofa with pillows will be very useful – here you can spend evenings reading, enjoying the twilight landscape outside the window and hot tea in parallel.

hugge bedroom interior

hugge living room

hugge furniture

And now let ‘s create our own hugge :
Hugge is blankets and pillows, candles and a floor lamp, a deep armchair and a window sill, clay and ceramic dishes… These are things and interior items with a history, and not someone else’s – but your family’s. You left this scratch when you first played with a knife (while Mom didn’t see it). And here is a trace of nail polish that grandma loved… New things, sparkling with metal and glass, may be beautiful, but not hugge. How can you make your home even more cozy, turn it into a real nest, a safe haven from all the hardships of life?

furniture in the style of hugge

hugge style

Hugge can be indulged in blissful solitude. But its coefficient increases significantly in the company of the most beloved people! Those with whom you can be yourself in warm socks and pajamas. Speak in a half-whisper. Play wacky and funny board games. Take even small things seriously.

hugge kitchen

hugge style in the apartment interior

Oysters and champagne are not about hugge at all. But homemade cakes, hearty stew or soup – yes, and definitely hot drinks! Here is the hugge menu, and no restaurant in this will replace home cooking. Well, unless, maybe, the coals from the campfire or barbecue on your lawn will compete with it. Cooking together makes food especially cozy and delicious. Forget about standing at the stove waiting for guests! Cooking together is much tastier, more fun and warmer, drinking mulled wine or cocoa, coffee with spices or herbal tea.

hugge as a lifestyle

apartment in the style of hugge

hugge's dwelling

hugge interior design style

Dive in:
To immerse yourself in hugge, you can watch your favorite movies and photos. Listen to beautiful calm music. Coloring and needlework. Play board games. Write letters. Sorting through postcards. Everything that makes you slow down for a while, smile and let the warmth spread in your heart – all this is hugge.

hugge style housing

how to design the interior of the hugge

About the main thing:
The most important hugge factor is the presence here and now. Accepting that your life has already been a success. We are used to running for success, spending large sums to “please ourselves”. Hugge’s philosophy teaches us that money is hard to buy happiness. The price does not mean that the thing will bring us true joy. Real moments of happiness are in everyday life. Catch the hugge in how your cat washes on the blanket. Like a baby hugging you, warm and sleepy. Like an unshaven husband making morning coffee. As the lights come on outside the window, snowflakes swirl in their light, and your house is warm, quiet and so cozy.
I wish you happiness and love!
Hugge is a style with a soul, give him a piece of yourself. Fantasize and fill the house with a unique decor.

interior of hugge photo

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