interior of american Indians

Native american interior

Do you want an update and new experiences? You may be interested in Indian style, full of exotic colors. In addition, the Indian interior is one of the most unusual solutions.

Each of us has different design preferences: some design the interior in the spirit of Provence, others become fans of the practicality and simplicity of the Scandinavian style.

North American Indians interior

But if you want changes and are not afraid to experiment, try to include elements of Indian style in the existing interior of the apartment. Your home will get a bright and original look.

North American Indians style interior

native American style in the house
To design an Indian-style interior, you do not need to turn your home into a teepee or teepee. You can add only some elements to it: colored carpets, bedspreads, pillows, leather chairs, etc.elements of native American culture can be used in any of the rooms – in the nursery and in the bedroom, in the living room and in the kitchen.

native American furniture

photo of native American design

Features of the native American style
The cultures of the Aztecs, Incas or Mayans were different, but one feature was inherent in all the Indians – they used characteristic patterns and colors that store an atmosphere of mysterious exoticism.

native American design slyle

Injun masks on the wall

native American decor

Indian style is likely to be highly appreciated by your children, who can build a teepee in their room, decorate it with arrows, feathers, or totems. You can also decorate one of the walls with colorful Indian patterns.
In the bedroom, this style may also be appropriate. Just play with natural colors – dark orange, terracotta, blue, red or green. In these shades, you can buy bed linen, bedspreads and pillows. The Indian bedroom will look good wicker lamps, painted flower vases and decorations on the walls.

Injun design

wigwam in apartment photo

Injun-style room

Indian style in the kitchen can be reproduced by purchasing the appropriate dishes. You can also add various decorations.
The dining room will get the right color if you install the appropriate color chairs and armchairs, and under the table lay a small carpet with Indian motifs.

wigwam of the North American Indiansthe Indians, like no other people on Earth, suffered from various invaders. Surprisingly, after almost completely destroying the tribes, the conquerors themselves became interested in the culture of the conquered peoples. And this culture has not disappeared. Native American elements have permeated many styles created in America: from American country to Mexican style in the interior.

Indian decoration

image of the leader on the wall

In ancient Mexican villages and cities, the traditional style of interior design, rooted in the traditions of ancient tribes, the Aztecs and Mayans, has been preserved. Traditional Indian culture pleases the eye with the brightness of colors. This feature is noticeable in the coloring of modern Indian life and interior design.

native American decoration
native American interior design Rules
The most important element that gives the style a unique atmosphere of the wild West – bright Indian textiles with geometric ornaments. Although the ornaments of modern Indians no longer show images of Quetzalcoatl or the sacred Puma, the geometric patterns also have a deep symbolic meaning.

North American Indians interior features

Indian interior furniture

Ornaments can be present on various textile elements: on rugs, in the upholstery of chairs, on pillows. Indian textiles are woven, lint-free.

Injun interior and decor

Fabrics and other details of the Mexican interior have a recognizable color palette that can not be confused with any other. These are bright combinations of turquoise, rich purple, speckled lacquer, gold, dark blue-green and blue.
The Indians knew how to create an optimistic mood and bright lighting effects in the design. To do this, the walls were painted in bright colors, and different walls and interior items were painted in different colors and shades. But think about it, are you ready to live in an interior with bright walls that will overly excite Your psyche? Instead, many designers cover the walls with white plaster. This technique was also found in native American culture.

photo of the injun house

Injun style apartment photo
Indian interiors are characterized by a large amount of decoration on the walls. These are decorative ceramics (plates), and, of course, paintings. Classic canvases and pastels are not suitable for such an interior. Instead, choose a bright contrasting exotic story.

native American interior style

interior of the Redskins

interior of an American Indian dwelling

The walls in the Mexican style often make niches that can be filled with figurines and other decor.
Tiles with ethnic ornaments are often used as details. They can cover the kitchen, bathroom, you can decorate the stairs.native American elements
Well, how to imagine the wild West without the main symbol-a cactus. These plants can be present in the interior in pots (and not necessarily in the form of a small table plant, there are options with huge cacti the size of a tree). And, of course, this symbol is used in the decor in the form of prints and as a subject for paintings.
Creating an environment with good taste is not easy when the designer uses a combination of bright contrasting colors. The Indian-style interiors have a southern warmth and Sunny mood, which can give relief on long winter evenings and add a touch of exoticism. These are interiors for bright natures!

create native American interior

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