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The Adirondacks: a style of interior design for residents with rural soul.
The direction absorbed the design ideas of the Old and New World. The Adirondack was born in 1800, and its popularity is growing. Amazing style combines elements of country, Chalet, rustic, embodied the spirit of American pragmatism, became a symbol of overseas luxury.

Adirondack in interior

Adirondack style in interior

Contradictions are excellent ground for discoveries!
The style is named after a mountain range on the U.S.-Canada border. The ancestor of the Adirondack is William Durant. Furniture designer created interior projects for wealthy people. He was well aware that many Europeans (their descendants) who have succeeded in America, experiencing nostalgia for the old days and simple life. Life in large cities has a significant disadvantage — it tires. When creating a new style, the designer focused on the need of business people for a good rest. For his clients were unacceptable budget solutions and lack of luxury, but customers wanted to follow the European rural traditions, to live in cozy country houses. Conflicting requests did not confuse the designer, they inspired him to create a new style. The Adirondack quickly gained popularity among the American elite. Among his admirers was us President Franklin Roosevelt — a key figure in world politics, a legend who was able to lead America out of the”great depression”.

photo adirondack

 Adirondack interior style

photo design Adirondack

 Adirondack style in interior photo

“Only mountains can be better than mountains…»
One of the business cards of the Adirondack is its natural color palette. Durant did not invent the Bicycle and took as a basis the colors that are found in the mountains: green, gray, brown, shades of natural wood and stones. When placing color accents in the Adirondack, blue, yellow, gold, dark red can be additionally applied. For the arrangement of premises according to the canons of style (as well as 200 years ago) only natural materials are used-stone, birch, oak, cedar wood.

 Adirondack in interior photo

photo style Adirondack

 Adirondack style

The Adirondack is a combination of simple shapes and elegant solutions, refined finishes and rough materials. In the house, where the ball rules the style of this, look harmoniously:
– sofas with soft armrests;
– chairs with comfortable high backs;
– mirrors in gilded frames ;
– wooden chest;
– wicker basket;
– hunting trophies ;
– expensive embroidered fabrics;
– porcelain tableware.
Stone and wooden columns can be used as zoning tools, but they do not play the first violin in interior design.

Adirondack furniture

Adirondack style interior

Adirondack interior

photo adirondack=

 photo Adirondack in the interior

 photo Adirondack style in interior

Fireplace-around the head!
It occupies the most honorable place in the country house and is another hallmark of the style. Fireplace (according to the canons of the Adirondacks) may not be small. It is lined with natural stone, decorated. The fireplace in a country house has a functional and aesthetic role, it gives the interior elitism, symbolizes home comfort, attracts attention.

 Adirondack living room interior

 Adirondack interior design

 Adirondack interior

Adirondack interior photo

In modern versions of the Adirondack, you can find pseudo-fireplaces made of drywall, materials that mimic natural stone, but they are not popular with fans of the style. Designers to make attempts to innovate the style, to implement in the design of walls, floors, ceilings, polymer and composite materials, to hide the wooden ceiling beams behind suspended structures also failed. Adirondack remained true to its traditions! One of the confirmations of this is lighting solutions, where artificial and natural lighting sources play an equal role. As the second used wrought iron chandeliers, elegant table lamps, small wall lamps.

Adirondack interior design style

Adirondack design style

Adirondack interior photo

Adirondack interior design

 Adirondack interior design

Adirondack design

In the luxury Elements of a city apartment
The Adirondack is not suitable for small spaces. In its pure form, the style is used for the design of country houses, but its elements can be found in urban apartments. Antique furniture, luxury accessories in the Adirondack style-a luxury available to units. There Is no opportunity to buy them? Do not despair! There are more affordable things that will decorate the house and fill it with comfort:
– accessories made of bark or birch bark;
– wool blankets, bedspreads;
– rocking chair;
– a table whose base is made of the root of a tree;
– low chairs and special footrests;
– lamps resembling candles;
– photos with images of nature.

 Adirondack style interior

Just a few of these items, if they are located correctly, will change the atmosphere in the room. The best solution in such cases will be the creation of a special recreation area in the style of the Adirondack.

 Adirondack furniture

 photo Adirondack furniture



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