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Lounge style: relaxation is an important condition for a happy life.
This direction allows you to create oases of comfort in rooms for various purposes. The lounge style can be safely compared with the art of relaxation, when a person is freed from the influence of the frenzied pace of life, enjoys rest, doing nothing.

How did the Lounge style come about? If you turn to dictionaries, then, for example, from English “Lounge” means to do nothing. This is the main component of this style.

lounge interior style

In the best traditions of sunny Italy.

A little cynicism, wisdom, practicality.
In order for this or that direction to appear in art, design, certain prerequisites are needed. If the latter are absent, and creative people begin to offer innovations, it ends with a grand failure or too late recognition of the merits of geniuses. The lounge style in design was born in the middle of the XX century very successfully: it was at the time when there was a need for it. It is noteworthy that he originated in music even a little earlier, but was recognized by art critics only after 30 years!

interior style lounge photo

lounge style

lounge photo style

One of the first ideas of the lounge was positively evaluated by the owners of hotels, hotels, bars. It was in such institutions in the 50s that designers conducted creative experiments and formed the canons of this direction. Owners of commercial real estate, if you think logically, invested money in cost-effective innovative developments, because they attracted attention, aroused the interest of potential customers and increased the profit of institutions.

interior lounge

interior lounge photo

Pay attention!
To feel the spirit of the lounge, it is enough to listen to music from the collection “Cafe by the Sea”. It was recorded by Jose Padilla from the 90s of the last century. This style of music has gone from orchestral compositions to background works. Slow jazz improvisations, sounds of nature, new age motifs are closest to him in spirit.

interior lounge photo style

lounge interior photo style

lounge living room interior

How to learn proper rest?
The lounge turned out to be the answer to the question that is relevant for many people. Translated, the word means: “idleness”.
This is a very useful condition for the body, because it:
– He recovers faster after suffering stress and begins to actively produce “hormones of happiness”.
– It is easier to get rid of the habit of using psychostimulants (strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, nicotine, tonic drugs).
– It makes up for the energy deficit more quickly due to the work of natural mechanisms inherent in nature itself.

lounge living room interior photo

lounge apartment interior photo

lounge apartment interior

If thoughts flow slowly, a person plunges into feelings akin to meditation. The more often a person experiences such a condition, the more successful his personal life and career are, the better mental and physical health is preserved. Idleness is the phase without which there can be no activity, productivity, flight of creative thought, insight.
Emotional, physical overloads leave their traces on health, and medications, auto-trainings will not remove them. When creative people came to understand this simple truth, they consciously began experimenting with colors, shapes, materials in order to create paradisiacal corners in various conditions: from urban jungles, where there is not enough time for a full rest, to elite resorts, whose atmosphere should relax, set up a pleasant pastime, attract customers.

lounge interior of the house

lounge interior of the house photo

lounge style photo

It’s interesting!
The formation of the lounge was influenced in the 70s by Mediterranean resorts, including Ibiza. To this day, they remain one of the sources of inspiration for designers who design interiors in this style.
Why is it difficult to work with him?

lounge interior photo

how to make a lounge interior style

how to make a lounge interior

The lounge is a bit similar to eclecticism, because it combines elements of eco-style, classics, functionalism, minimalism and several other trends. The style differs from its “close relatives” in its maximum focus on meeting the needs of an individual or a small group of people.
Medical specialists, engineers, psychologists participate in the creation of interiors according to the canons of this style. To get the most comfortable space, it is not enough to put comfortable furniture, apply pastel-colored finishing materials, install exquisite lighting fixtures! The main indicator of the interior created correctly according to the canons of the lounge is the maximum compliance of working conditions, recreation, everyday life with the physiological and psychological characteristics of the individual.

interior of the lounge house

lounge style in the interior

lounge style in the interior photo

How do designers achieve such a difficult goal:
– Use a calm, muted color scheme.
– Use devices that create diffuse lighting of premises.
– They give the palm to environmentally friendly natural materials.
– They refuse sharp transitions, bright accents.
– Practice the method of rounding corners.
– Choose textiles, accessories that give people pleasant tactile sensations.
At the same time, all interior items should be practical, ergonomic, not overloading the space.
If you try to solve the problem yourself…

comfort lounge

comfortable lounge environment

how to create a lounge interior

It is difficult to call a lounge a budget style, because creating a comfortable living environment requires significant costs. However, this direction is quite democratic: with a modest budget, according to its canons, you can independently arrange part of an apartment, house, place of work and enjoy new conditions.

lounge style furniture

This task will help to solve:
– A comfortable sofa or a set of frameless furniture.
– Ergonomic round-shaped table.
– A set of stationary, mobile stands where you can put a lot of necessary things: from a laptop to your favorite cup.
– Pillows (the more, the better) with velour, linen, satin covers.
– Gray-blue, gray-green, beige textiles.
– Sconces, floor lamps, spotlights.
– Floor carpet with long pile
– Live plants.

lounge chair

lounge chair photo

apartment arrangement in lounge style

For a corner, a lounge-style room, fabric or paper wallpaper, pieces of furniture made of natural wood, large accessories are perfect (provided that they do not overload the space). An important nuance: from a place of doing nothing, a person should have free access to the management of all household appliances necessary for his comfort. If this rule is violated, attempts to create a comfortable environment are meaningless.
Do you know?
The Eames Lounge Chair is called the lounge standard. It was invented by a couple of Imz architects in the 40s of the last century and has not lost its relevance to the present day. The source of inspiration for the development of the legendary chair was a baseball glove. When there is a ball in it, it repeats the contours of the human body in its shape and acquires an angle of inclination of 15 °. The same indicator for the back of the chair! It allows you to reduce the load on the lower back, relieve pain in the back, cervical spine, legs without medication.

Eames Lounge Chair

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