Noir style in the interior: what do gangsters and vampires have in common? The interior in the style of vampire is often called a Noir. These are two different directions in design, but they are related to fatalism and love of black color. Noir attracts mystics, creative people, businessmen, politicians, and fans of tickling their nerves. What’s so special about it?

interior Noir

interior Noir style

Is he French or American?

The birthplace of Noir is considered to be the United States, it was born in the 20s of the last century. The name of the style came from the French language: “Noir” – black. In the new-born design direction, a premonition of the great depression immediately sounded. American black-and-white films about gangsters of the 40s — a business card of Noir. Good and evil in such films are relative concepts. They are mixed up so that it is impossible to distinguish, distinguish them. Black carries a special philosophy and vision of the world. It symbolizes the absence of color and being. In Noir, there is a French charm, as the style has absorbed and dissolved the features of other directions, but its main canons, where the ball is ruled by black, have not changed.

interior Noir photo

interior style Noir

design Noir photo

Noir style in interior photo

Noir in interior photo

How do you tell a gangster from a vampire?

Not by the presence of fangs! The vampire style has a second dominant color — red. There is no such thing in Noir. Gangster style does not allow for bright spots of color. White and light grey can be used as additional colors. Less often-brown, natural shades of expensive wood. Noir is a relative of modern, Chanel and retro. Some art critics believe that it can not be an Autonomous direction and is a branch of late modernism. American-style:

makes you feel like a gangster detective hero;
it does not explicitly set requirements for the shape of objects, but its very atmosphere dictates that you should use oblique, vertical lines, and strict geometric shapes;
focused on the use of luxury natural materials including leather and wood of valuable breeds.
Noir is a combination of American practicality, a desire for elitism, and a cynical and dark view of life.

How do I find a black cat in an almost black room?

The style does not lose its popularity in the design of residential and non-residential premises. It is recognized as ideal for offices. Fans of Noir prefer to use the interior space of the premises to the maximum advantage and assign a strictly defined place to each item. Children’s room in this style is better not to equip. Noir is fashionable in the design of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is suitable for the office. The main mistake that novice designers make when working with the Noir style is an overdose of black. How to avoid it? It is necessary to initially calculate which surfaces in the room will be black. If the walls, then the floor and ceiling need gray, white, shades of natural wood. Have you decided to make the walls lighter? The design of the floor and ceiling must be black.

photo Noir style

Noir style

furniture Noir

interior style Noir

Noir interior

Noir bathroom

Features of gangster thinking

One of the main mottos of Noir: “All or nothing!”. If you want to use its elements for the design of the room and do not plan to completely organize the space according to the canons of the gangster style, you will get tasteless. Noir is self-sufficient, but he is also a jealous owner. The direction does not tolerate rivals on its territory. Lighting solutions are another challenge. Noir and an abundance of lighting sources are not combined. How then to provide comfortable lighting? Classic floor lamps and wall lamps will help you cope with this task.

photo Noir in the interior

photo style Noir in the interior

living room interior Noir

What do you like Noir?

You decided to experiment with such a complex style. Boldly! You will be helped to create an interior in the Noir style:

chairs and sofas made of genuine leather;
suspended black and white ceiling with built-in lamps;
luxury furniture made of expensive wood;
blinds that can be replaced with heavy curtains made of expensive black or gray fabric;
photos of movie stars from gangster movies.
An interesting solution will be paintings depicting rain or the streets of Chicago at the beginning of the last century. The color scheme of the paintings must include black, white, and gray. In this interior, expensive figurines of predatory animals and rare collectible black cars look appropriate. Noir-style with a cool character, but it can give a lot of ideas, if you stop being afraid of the dark.

Noir interior design


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