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Bunk bed with wardrobe – convenience and functionality

When we talk about a bunk bed, we mean a children’s bed with two tiers and a wardrobe is usually present in the complex with it. But there are also transformer beds that turn into bunk beds after simple manipulations.

bunk bed in the interior

There is one interesting design solution, this is when there is a kind of ordinary sofa and a wardrobe next to it. It seems nothing unusual, but with the help of several simple mechanisms, this sofa turns into an original two-level bed with a wardrobe before our eyes. Well, or the option when the beds are folded into the wall. It is also not a bad solution with beds located parallel to each other.

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The creators of upholstered furniture offer a huge number of options for beds with two tiers and a wardrobe. There is no limit to the design idea. Some have very clever mechanisms that allow them to be easily transformed, while others are striking with their individuality in design. You can buy ready-made furniture, or you can make an order for an individual manufacturing option.

bunk bed in the children's room

bunk bed for children

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A bed with two tiers is very relevant for rooms of a small quadrature. It is in them that it preserves the useful space of the room. If this is a nursery, then there is a place for children to play, or for installing other furniture, for example, a table for performing lessons. The wardrobe in the complex of such beds is an excellent addition, as it eliminates the search for suitable furniture for clothes. Usually, the developers of such beds for the nursery often use various ideas to make the bed in the room cheer up the kids. It can be both functional things and a decorative element.
The main recommendations when buying a bunk bed.

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bunk bed for boys

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bunk bed for children

bunk bed for children

When you come to a furniture store for a bunk bed, you need to know some features that you should pay special attention to.

bunk bed in the interior

The bed, if made of high quality, should be reliable and safe. Comfort and safety are above all! These are the most important criteria when choosing a bed. The second tier must have sufficient strength, not bend, all fasteners must have sufficient rigidity. In the cabinet, all movable mechanisms should move with ease, without effort. When buying such a bed, always ask about the relevant documents that confirm its quality and reliability, in other words, ask for a quality certificate. Often, the small price of such a bed means that the furniture was made by unscrupulous manufacturers. They most likely used low-quality materials. Carefully inspect the product before buying. After all, such a thing as a bunk bed will serve you for a long time, which means that it must be faithfully performed.

bunk beds

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The distance between the tiers, as well as from the upper tier to the ceiling, should allow you to sit quietly on them without scratching your head against the ceiling or the upper tier.

bunk bed make

There is one more point worth dwelling on. Mattresses for such beds are recommended to be purchased separately, since furniture manufacturers focus on the quality of the bed itself and often the quality of the mattresses leaves much to be desired. It is better to address this question to the manufacturers of mattresses. Another thing is if the bed has non-standard dimensions. The wardrobe in such a bed should have a convenient approach to it.

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