Mint interior

Mint color appeared due to a mixture of cold green and blue shades. Its varieties include bright aquamarine, light mint. These are pleasant and calm colors, from which there is a breath of sea freshness, refreshing coolness and the indescribable charm of a spring morning.

That is why famous designers, fashion designers and decorators like to use mint color in their works so much.

 mint interior

Psychological specificity of color
Mint coloring in the interior gives rise to a spring mood. Many people perceive it as the color of youth and freshness. The palette of mint shades is pleasant to perceive, it does not press and does not tire. It is often called soothing, because being in a room decorated in mint tones causes a sense of security. Such a favorable combination is appropriate to use in different rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen, a children’s room, a living room. It is often used in decorating the ceiling, walls, furniture. In general, mint color is an unusual basis for creating a stylish and modern living space.

mint-colored interior

mint color interior

mint color in the interior
The color will become the background for the interior, made in a rustic country, in the best traditions of the Provence style. Designers often use it in the arrangement of classic interiors.

 mint interior photo

Mint color scheme in the interior
Because mint color is considered universal, then in combination with dark shades it gives an interesting contrast. For the design of the bedroom, a combination of mint and white colors is suitable. This combination looks great with artificially aged furniture and vintage decor.

mint tone in the interior

photo of the kitchen in mint color

mint-colored kitchen

mint color kitchen

mint-colored kitchen photo

mint interior photo

photo mint interior

mint-colored sofa

mint-colored furniture

Such popularity of the white-mint range is explained by the harmony of the snow-white color with the iridescences of the green-bluish palette. To give the space expressiveness, it is filled with contrasting decorative elements of brown, terracotta color. In a modern interior, asphalt and gray shades are more often used.

mint-colored walls

photo design in mint tones

bedroom in mint colors

Mint color will decorate the living room in a Scandinavian style. It will favorably emphasize the advantages of such a room — its practicality and cleanliness. Bright shades of mint are suitable for minimalism. With their help, separate zones of the living room are allocated, without changing a single style orientation. Although mint color evokes associations with coolness and morning freshness, it is able to bring warmth and comfort to the interior of the living room. The main thing is to dilute the monochrome design with bright accents, for example, textiles, decorative elements.

bathroom in mint color

room in mint color

living room in mint color

room in mint color photo

In the kitchen, mint color is best combined with furniture made of natural materials. This combination gives rise to the illusion of airiness and refined sophistication. Mint color is used both on large surfaces and on local interior items. A combination of mint with fruit and berry shades will help to reveal the beauty of color.
When arranging the nursery, the mint palette is combined with other colors, taking into account the sex of the child. In the girl’s room, apricot and pink shades are added to the mint background. For boys, it is better to choose a blue and turquoise color. Such a union will create a positive atmosphere in the room. The mint-purple range is suitable for both girls and boys.

mint tone in the interior photo

Combining various combinations of mint color, you can realize a comfortable and stylish interior. After all, the soft influence of spring color can transform even an unremarkable living space.

mint tone in the interior



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