Rustic style: the rough interior has its own appeal! The name of the design direction was given by the French. Rustic is ideal for fans of eco-materials and rural life. People tend to yearn for the past, to idealize rural antiquity. This quality of the human soul became the starting point for the style.

rustic style in the interior

How old is he?
Rustic in its spirit is close to vintage, Provence, country, Chalet. Among art critics, there are disputes about the exact place and time of the appearance of a new design direction in the interior. There are three versions, all of which treat the history of the style differently:
– Rustik appeared in the middle of the last century, its homeland is the United States;
– the style appeared in the XIX century-it was invented by American millionaires who loved to make furniture for luxury villas with their own hands;
– it comes from the European middle Ages, and the New World has just adopted the old design traditions.

rustic apartment

photo rustic furniture

rustic interior design photo

rustic interior design

photo of rustic interior
The term “rustic” (in exact translation means “rustic”), the French word was originally used in a narrow circle of specialists. The attention of the General public to the little-known direction began when designers contrasted rustic technostyle and modernity, declaring the latter yesterday’s day of interior fashion. What came out of it? The style has gained worldwide recognition.

rustic style in interior design

Today, rustic is actively used for the arrangement of suburban real estate, luxury hotels, guest houses.

rustic living room interior

The secrets of the village of comfort
The style allows you to feel freedom and proximity to nature even in a cramped city apartment. Rustics are inherent:
– forethought;
– logic;
– craving for simplicity;
– lack of refined forms and unexpected solutions;
– natural color palette;
– use of natural materials (stone, wood), whose processing is minimized;
– no restrictions on the use of modern parts.
If the room is decorated according to the canons of rustication, when looking at the interior there is a feeling of slight understatement. Rustic is often confused with country, but the former avoids the diversity of colors and a large number of decorative elements.

rustic interior photo

rustic style interior

rustic interior

rustic house interior

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rustic interior style

How not to overload the space and place everything you need?
This is the question that concerns professional and novice designers when they work with style.

In rustics, it is not customary to hide ceiling beams — this technique gives the rooms an additional airiness. The use of bright color spots contradicts the spirit of the style, but this move is still used in rustics. Artificial materials, if they fit seamlessly into the space of rooms and reliably imitate natural textures, are not prohibited by the rules of the design direction. The greatest value for fans of the style are things whose surface is not opened with varnish, has the original natural color and natural defects (irregularities, cracks, wormholes).

rustic style in interior photo

rustic room style in the interior

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photo of a rustic interior

rustic interior photo

When choosing furniture, the reference point is kept on the simplicity of its design, convenience, and functionality. Open wooden shelves are one of the business cards of the style. In the house, decorated according to the canons of rustication, you will find wooden chests, wicker baskets, clay and cast-iron dishes, bedspreads, pillows, covers made of burlap, wool or raw linen. As for lighting solutions: forged chandeliers, lamps with lampshades, floor lamps, small built-in lamps always remain on the crest of the fashion wave.

bathroom rustic

rustic style in the bathroom

rustic style in bathroom photo

Treat yourself to comfort!
You can arrange a house in the rustic style without the help of professionals and complete replacement of furniture, if you carefully approach the task. How to solve it with minimal costs? To create the necessary atmosphere in the rooms:
– cover the walls with stone, sheathe them with boards or use plastic panels, Wallpaper, whose pattern repeats natural materials;
– use old or aged furniture using special technologies;
– place a real or artificial fireplace in the house;
– do not fixate lighting solutions on one ceiling chandelier — it will be perfectly combined with built-in lamps and small antique lamps.

rustic interior
Braided carpet, ceramic tiles can be an appropriate finishing option if the materials reliably imitate natural surfaces. And another important point: use metal products in rustics very carefully. Iron furniture is not a business card of style! The main place for metal items is the kitchen. You can place dishes and accessories made of copper, Nickel silver, brass, and bronze in it. In this room, they will look appropriate and emphasize the unusual interior of the house.

rustic interior


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