Since the 60s of the XX century, Canada began to position the policy of multiculturalism and some eclectic mix began to appear in the interiors. In addition, the formation of the canadian style was greatly influenced by Celtic folklore, Gallo-Romanesque themes, and national motifs of both indigenous and immigrant populations.

canadian style in the interior

The construction technologies themselves reflect the superimposed imprints of respect for nature and a high standard of living, so in Canada, special attention is paid to the organization of living space, which are represented by a private house, a city house and an apartment. In turn, the houses are divided into 2 types: a compact Bungalow with a yard and garage and a 2-storey house with a large garden and garage. City houses-townhouses divided into sections, usually do not exceed the height of 3 floors. City apartments are represented by ordinary options, but among them there may be condominiums and penthouses.

canadian interior

canadian interior photo

canadian-style interior

canadian-style interior photo

The canadian house has not only a distinctive design, but also a special construction technology. Due to the careful attitude of Canadians to nature, valuable wood species are replaced with glued materials. Another option for construction is the “canadian-style”cabin. This principle consists in manual felling of the log house, connecting the logs with a “canadian lock”.

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canadian style photo design

canadian style room in the interior

canadian style in interior photo

canadian interior style

canadian-style furniture

Internally, the arrangement is often referred to as a” loft”, but this is not related to the American one of the same name, because Canadians call a” loft ” a room on the 2nd floor, which is rather considered a kind of internal balcony or living room, from where you can go to any room, going up to the 2nd floor. Windows with reduced heat loss due to panoramic glazing are also important.

canadian style in the bathroom

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canadian-style bathroom

The design is based on eco principles, so the interiors are dominated by wood, which is manifested not only in the finishing materials, but also in the palette of colors, which are characterized by earthy, sandy shades, and colors of wood bark. For wall decoration, you can use discreet paints or natural wall panels, or natural Wallpaper (jute, bamboo, sisal, marant, reed), which are pasted so that the seams are visible. This principle will give a certain charm to “hand made”.

canadian style in bathroom photo

Floor coverings are quite diverse from parquet or boards to reeds and cork. Often the finish can be made of stone, pebbles or terracotta tiles, and on the floor you can find modest mats. When you design the ceiling, you can stop at the option of painting, but a good option is considered to be paneling made of bamboo, wood or straw.

canadian-style bedroom interior

canadian-style house interior

canadian - style interior

canadian style interior

canadian style interior photo

canadian-style living room interior

canadian style in interior design

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Bright spaces are furnished with a minimum of furniture, replacing massive cabinets with niches and simple wicker cabinets. The furniture itself is quite simple in shape, but with expressive lines on the cut of a light or dark Board. Sometimes you can even notice wooden sinks and bathtubs in the interiors. Upholstery for furniture can be beige, white or canvas-gray with floral motifs, and all textiles-rough-linen, from an uneven thread that is woven in matting.

canadian-style interior design

canadian-style interior design photo

Every detail of the decor has its own meaning in terms of design, because it has a certain soul, akin to a person. Based on this principle, when choosing lighting, it is better to stop at lamps with energy-saving lamps made of natural materials (rods, paper, branches, fabric, glass), which try to hide or make simple enough so that they can not stand out from the overall picture.

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