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Mexican style. The traditions of the native Indians combined with the culture of the ancient Spaniards helped the origin of the Mexican style. The design is based on the attributes of the Aztecs-pyramids, carved stelae made of stone, and the Spaniards-brightly painted pieces of furniture made of wood, faded plaster.

Mexican style in the interior

The main colors of the style direction are considered to be combined representations of pinkish and orange, Burgundy and bluish, green and bluish, the most popular – green and pinkish, bright pink and white.

Mexican-style interior

The furniture is painted in traditional colors or remains in muted shades of natural wood. The principle of brightness of tones should also be used in textiles.

Mexican-style furniture

Mexican ponchos or colored serapes are often placed on Windows that are painted white. The decor can consist of pottery made and painted with your own hands, in the corners you can install sculptures made of ceramics, and throughout the room you can place pots with cacti and succulents, as well as paintings. The kitchen is complemented by hand-forged, as if darkened metal, utensils, palm – woven rugs will look more appropriate on the floor, and Mexican blankets will look more appropriate on the furniture. For the illumination of selected wrought-iron chandeliers.

Mexican-style room

Mexican-style room

Mexican-style kitchen

Mexican-style room interior

Creating an interior in the style of Mexico is a difficult, but very interesting task for the designer. There are many nuances that can not be missed. For example, it is important to remember that color is much more important than texture. That’s why the walls must be painted by hand-just like clay jugs and much more. Industrial accessories are not suitable here. It should give the impression that all the decorative details in the interior are made with your own hands.

Mexican-style interior photo

Mexican-style room interior

Mexican-style interior photo

Mexican-style room

The Mexican style is difficult to describe in words. And all because it combines various motifs: both traditional Indian and modern European. In total, this type of interior combines features of Spanish, French and old American design. This is especially noticeable in the example of urban dwellings with their generally true European decor, but with indigenous “Indian” features. Rural buildings, on the contrary, are characterized by a predominance of ethnic elements. And even if the decoration is quite poor, but you can find a lot of bright finds from the field of design.

Mexican-style house

Mexican-style house photo

Mexican-style Fazenda

Mexican-style kitchen photo

If you want to create an interior in the Mexican spirit, focus on bright and even contrasting colors. The colorful design of the stop is an indispensable and recognizable feature of this style. Popular colors are red and pink, yellow and green, purple and blue, and light blue. Their combinations are sometimes unexpected and bold, but always original. Red-brown and earth colors are also used. Clay, sun and sand are some of the main “inspirations” of the Mexican color palette. In this range, the facade of the house is often designed.

Mexican-style bedroom

Mexican-style bedroom photo

Mexican-style bathroom

Mexican style in the house

A characteristic feature of the Mexican interior is the presence of a large number of beams. Load-bearing structures, as a rule, are not hidden, as we have, but on the contrary, are put on public display. In homes, the presence of stairs, including decorative ones, is welcome. The step effect can be created using multi-level shelves with various statuettes, clay pots, and bouquets of dried flowers.

Mexican-style room

Mexican-style dwelling

Mexican-style housing

Mexican-style housing photo

The Mexican interior successfully contrasts open spaces and closed courtyards. The exterior is also usually quite colorful: facades are decorated with bright, often patterned tiles, roofs-bright tiles, which indicates the well-being of the owner of the house. The interior also has a lot of bright details: colorful tiles, palm mats, products made of reeds. The walls are often painted with Indian ornaments, and the Windows are decorated with colored stained glass.

Mexican-style hut

Mexican-style furniture

 apartments  Mexican style

In a house, as a rule, there is no division into rooms. There is only one room in a rural dwelling. The spaces reserved for the kitchen, bedroom and living room are separated from each other by screens and curtains. The interior has a lot of furniture made of exotic wood. These are racks and massive chairs. Chairs and beds are upholstered in pigskin. Cabinets are inlaid with wood and bone. There is also an altar where Indian idols are displayed. Popular and Christian figurines, figures of saints, which are usually placed in painted niches. Decorated statuettes can be found in the courtyard.

Mexican-style walls

Mexican-style decoration

Mexican-style sofa

The traditional Mexican interior successfully combines piety and superstition, restraint and coquetry, poverty and bright diversity, modernity and pre-Columbian antiquity. It is decorated with folk Handicrafts made by local craftsmen or by the owners themselves. Indian motifs bring vivacity and exoticism.

Mexican-style interior photo

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