Old interior

Charm and mystery of abandoned houses.

Old and abandoned houses always look mystical. People left them a few decades ago, but the atmosphere that prevailed in them at the time of dawn, remains for many centuries.

old interior

However, time, which is merciless to everything that is created by man, makes its own adjustments to the overall appearance of buildings. They are the best reminder that on earth nothing lasts forever and for gloss and luxury comes ruin and desolation.

Old and abandoned houses

Today, such places can be called a window into the past. Looking into such Windows, you can imagine how and what people lived at that time, to assess the taste of the owners of a housing their financial condition and even the character, which is best expressed in the interiors of the rooms.

old home

very old house

old house

Luxury of old times

Luxurious mansions, small apartments, hospitals and prisons, each of these places has its own history, sometimes tragic, sometimes mysterious and mysterious. Left personal belongings, paintings and photographs on the walls, though lost over time brightness, but still can tell a lot about the inhabitants of these houses.

vintage home interior

vintage bedroom interior

photo of abandoned house

Houses and mansions

The best way to assess the breadth of imagination of designers of the bygone era, you can look at the interior of abandoned mansions. From time immemorial, it was believed that large houses-a sign of high status and material well-being. That is why wealthy people in all corners of the earth did not skimp on the construction of their cottages, planning huge rooms with high ceilings.

photos of old houses
vintage interior
interior of an abandoned house

Often in them there are columns and fireplaces, musical instruments, which were a sign of good taste of the owners of the estate. A piano or piano was a must-have item in any self-respecting wealthy family, but transporting such a bulky item was not always possible. Therefore, musical instruments were left in the old house, condemning them to eventually turn into dust.

house in which no one lives
very old house
interior in the style of an old house

Sometimes in homes remains furniture, still not destroyed under influence of nature. It is easy to determine the taste preferences of the owners of the mansion. Often the interiors are decorated in a classic style, but they are not inferior to the popularity of grunge and Empire.

interior in the style of an old house
interior in the style of an abandoned house
interior photo in the style of an old house

The former solvency of the owners of these rooms is evidenced not only by the preserved pieces of furniture, but also by the expensive sets left on the tables, books on the shelves of the bookcase and the surviving children’s toys.

interior photo in the style of an abandoned house < img class= “alignnone size-medium wp-image-145″ src=”” alt= “old walls in the room” width= “1200” height= “675”>
interior old walls in room

From paint on walls and parquet boards on a floor sometimes remains not so much, but also in them the former luxury of rooms is guessed. The remaining places gilding, and even the mural shows the desire to show guests the wealth of this house.

old paint on walls
old paint on ceiling
interior old paint

Apartment building

Unlike stately mansions, apartment buildings can tell the story of more than one family. Each apartment is a separate world, carefully created over the years by their former owners. Of course, in a limited space there is not much space for the flight of design ideas, but here the residents made every effort to make the rooms cozy and comfortable.

photo interior old paint
abandoned dwelling
interior abandoned dwelling

Simple interiors, created in the popular style of Provence at the time, and even without much observance of the canons of any style. They were created for comfortable everyday life, adapting to the needs of the owner of the premises.

photo abandoned dwelling
walk through old houses
what does an abandoned house look like

In our days it’s hard to understand who owned most of the apartments, what are the habits and what was the character of their owners. However, the few items that are still preserved, as well as possible convey the atmosphere of warmth that prevailed in the house before.

aged interior
interior photo in aged style
destroyed house

Sometimes it seems that people left their homes in an unprecedented hurry, taking with them only the most necessary things. In this case, the hangers still hanging outerwear, and shoes and waiting for his master at the door.

photo destroyed house
ruined house interior
very old house

Public place

Abandoned prisons, hospitals and holiday homes are places that quickly become overgrown with many legends and myths. The atmosphere in them is really unusual. The beds and lattices rusted from time, the strict state furniture, rooms for several people-from all this blows despair.

aged furniture
photo aged furniture
aged furniture in the interior

Often such places are very popular among fans of acute adventures. They spend nights in them, arrange unusual photo shoots, and sometimes even hold themed quest games.

dilapidated house
abandoned room
dilapidated house interior style

Over the years, nature increasingly reclaims the territory that legally belong to it. Plants appear in houses, furniture is gradually covered with mold and moss, and moisture corrodes the walls, washing away the paint and Wallpaper.

old photo room

However, often people with their curiosity brings the destruction of buildings. By negligence or specially visitors of the thrown houses break glasses, take away the remained subjects as Souvenirs, break furniture.

photo of abandoned building
abandoned building
abandoned building interior

The echoes of life in the house grow fainter every day, and eventually disappear altogether. Houses will turn into ruins, to recognize in which the former majestic structure will be possible except for the Foundation.

cracked walls
cracked walls in interior
photo cracked walls
interior in the style of devastation
photo of destroyed interior

Today there are many adventurers who are willing to risk their lives, exploring dilapidated buildings to feel the mysterious atmosphere enveloping the abandoned places. For some, such buildings are an opportunity to look into the past and learn more about the lives of people of that time.

house in need of repair
room without repair
apartment without repair photo
worst interior design
room without interior design
peeling walls in the house
broken furniture in interior
room without repair
photo of the room without repair
ugly interior design
worst interior
photo of the worst home interior
haunted house
strange interior
photo of old building
old style interior design
Soviet-era interior


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