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стимпанк в интерьере


Steampunk Steampunk style appeared in the 60s-80s of the twentieth century. Its ideological founders were fans of the idea of an alternative development of history, namely the possibility of the existence of a world in which the development of technology stopped with the invention of the steam engine.

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Gothic style emerged in Europe in the XII century and became the final stage in the formation of the culture of the middle ages. It is characterized by high vaulted ceilings, sharp spires on buildings and dark tones. Gothic style is considered the most mystical and mysterious of all existing.

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готика в интерьере
шебби-шик в интерьере

Shabby chic

Shabby chic or shabby chic, as it is also called-a direction in design that appeared in the 80 – ies of the twentieth century. It combines several styles at once, but, despite this, it is individual and unique.

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Loft style (from the English loft — attic) involves the equipment of residential space on the basis of a former industrial or warehouse space. The modern loft is a bit different from the classic standards. Today, this name implies a stylization of an industrial interior.

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лофт в интерьере
поп-арт в интерьере

Pop art

Interior in the style of pop art (from English pop art or popular art)-stands out among other unusual combinations of bright colors, as a decor from comics using images, portraits of Merlin Monroe and fast food products. This shocking style is intended to shock and surprise, while glorifying the culture of mass consumption.

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Minimalism in the interior The style of minimalism (minim minimus, which means the smallest) was born in the 20s of the twentieth century. Its main feature is maximum simplicity and functionality. Minimalism combines artificial and natural materials, simple shapes and straight lines, as well as strict and restrained colors.

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минимализм в интерьере
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