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рококо в интерьере


A lighter, but no less refined Rococo style replaced the pompous Baroque already in the XVIII century. The very name of the Rococo style comes from the French rocaille, which means “shell” or “crushed stone”.

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Baroque interior style has European roots. It was born in the XVI century and translated from Italian “barocco” means ornate, pompous. His vocation was originally to demonstrate the solvency and success of the owner of the house.

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барокко в интерьере
брутализм в интерьере

Brutalism style

The name brutalism (translated from English – hard) speaks for itself. This is a restrained and concise style with a “male character”. Bare concrete walls, metal handrails, pipes and beams as decoration only emphasize the seriousness and severity of the room in the style of brutalism.

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Chalet-originally a small house in the mountains, which was a safe haven for shepherds during bad weather. They built it from materials that can be easily obtained in the forest: wood and stone. Over time, the simplicity and comfort of these houses won designers around the world.

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стиль шале в интерьере
восточный стиль в интерьере

Oriental style

The interior in the Eastern style can not be enclosed in a strict framework. Historical, cultural and national features of Asian and sometimes even North African countries are very intertwined here.

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Country is an interior style that has barely passed the 40-year mark. The interior of this style is supposed to use only natural materials, as well as furniture and decorative items made by hand.

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кантри в интерьере