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How to choose the right interior style to interior decoration, furniture, accessories looked harmonious? All answers – on the site PROINTERIOR.INFO! the photoblog provides up-to-date, useful, understandable information about interior design styles: from super — popular to little-known. Any article can be compared with the advice of a professional designer. You get it absolutely free. Description of each style is accompanied by unique photos, with whose help it is easy to understand the features of the most complex design. Your feedback is a source of new themes for the site.

бунгало в интерьере

Bungalow style

Bungalow-style for fans of the good old days. The direction is very popular in America. The Bungalow is a symbol of the dream of a resort Paradise. In Europe, the style came relatively recently. The inhabitants of the Old World were able to do the incredible: they adapted the Bungalow to the realities of city […]

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Memphis Style: a bright celebration of freedom every day The direction is experiencing its second wave. Courage, maximum self-expression, revolutionary character, and recognition distinguish Memphis-style interior design.

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мемфис в интерьере
скандинавский стиль в интерьере


Scandinavian style in the interior: the realm of white and positive. The Northern direction of interior design has conquered the world with its restraint and practicality. Scandinavian style is unthinkable without natural materials, wide use of artificial light sources.

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Suprematism: an extraordinary interior for bright people Strict lines, geometric shapes, 3 main colors, and an unrestrained desire for self — expression are the hallmark of Suprematism. It enlivens the space and gives the interior maximum functionality.

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суперматизм в интерьере
романтизм в интерьере


Romanticism in the interior is a classic representation of the beautiful. Light textures, delicate tones, flowing fabrics and exquisite furniture are elements without which it is simply impossible to imagine romanticism.

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Gzhel style

Gzhel-originally a method of making dishes from clay, a distinctive feature of which was an artful painting. Over time, Gzhel went beyond kitchen utensils and became known as an interior style, and painting in the style of Gzhel became a popular decorative element.

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гжель в интерьере