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How to choose the right interior style to interior decoration, furniture, accessories looked harmonious? All answers – on the site PROINTERIOR.INFO! the photoblog provides up-to-date, useful, understandable information about interior design styles: from super — popular to little-known. Any article can be compared with the advice of a professional designer. You get it absolutely free. Description of each style is accompanied by unique photos, with whose help it is easy to understand the features of the most complex design. Your feedback is a source of new themes for the site.

викторианский стиль в интерьере


Victorian style: the perfect interior for connoisseurs of noble luxury. Queen Victoria was a symbol of Britain’s prosperity. Not surprisingly, a design style is named after her. Victorian fashion prevailed in the nineteenth century, but it also found a worthy place in the new Millennium.

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Renaissance style: when the middle ages and antiquity meet in the same interior It requires space, high ceilings, luxury finishing materials and furniture. Renaissance – style luxury palaces. An apartment or house designed strictly according to its canons is a rarity, but Renaissance elements are actively used in various design directions.

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ренессанс в интерьере
прованс в интерьере


Provence style: luxury and simplicity in one interior The bustle of cities is tiring, the house turns into a continuation of work. How to change the situation? Using the style of Provence. It is far from asceticism, luxurious, elegant and simple. Provence will fill the rooms with light, comfort, and give you a happy mood.

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Noir style in the interior: what do gangsters and vampires have in common? The interior in the style of vampire is often called a Noir. These are two different directions in design, but they are related to fatalism and love of black color. Noir attracts mystics, creative people, businessmen, politicians, and fans of tickling their […]

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нуар в интерьере
стиль санторини в интерьере


Santorini: the style of the interior with a special history You don’t have to be a professional to create a unique design. Who is the author of the direction of Santorini? Residents of the island of the same name. Laconic interior style is far from a riot of colors. It sets you up for rest. […]

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Patchwork: American or English rustic interior? What happens if you combine the traditions of the Old and New World? There will be a democratic and at the same time refined style-patchwork. He gives his fans the comfort of home, the feeling of a carefree childhood, when the world seemed simpler and all the colors-brighter.

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пэчворк в интерьере