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гжель в интерьере

Gzhel style

Gzhel-originally a method of making dishes from clay, a distinctive feature of which was an artful painting. Over time, Gzhel went beyond kitchen utensils and became known as an interior style, and painting in the style of Gzhel became a popular decorative element.

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Biedermeyer’s style is the epitome of German practicality and pedantry. Everything in it is aimed at making the interior as comfortable as possible for human life, without loading it with unnecessary details.

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бидермейер в интерьере
стиль манга в интерьере


Manga The manga style came to world culture from Japan. Initially, Manga is a hand-drawn comic that is usually read from right to left. The interior in the style of the manga involves the use of items and the transfer of comics cartoon (anime) characters in the design of the room.

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African style

African style in the interior can rightly be called the most original and exotic. It contains not just traditional elements of life of African residents, it is a symbiosis of natural minimalism and human greatness.

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африканский стиль в интерьере
индийский стиль в интерьере


Indian style is presented as a unique combination of Golden luxury, refined taste with asceticism and unique simplicity. Eastern and Western cultures have interacted for centuries, with elements from one subtly penetrating the other.

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Baroque interior style has European roots. It was born in the XVI century and translated from Italian “barocco” means ornate, pompous. His vocation was originally to demonstrate the solvency and success of the owner of the house.

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барокко в интерьере
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