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How to choose the right interior style to interior decoration, furniture, accessories looked harmonious? All answers – on the site PROINTERIOR.INFO! the photoblog provides up-to-date, useful, understandable information about interior design styles: from super — popular to little-known. Any article can be compared with the advice of a professional designer. You get it absolutely free. Description of each style is accompanied by unique photos, with whose help it is easy to understand the features of the most complex design. Your feedback is a source of new themes for the site.

пэчворк в интерьере


Patchwork: American or English rustic interior? What happens if you combine the traditions of the Old and New World? There will be a democratic and at the same time refined style-patchwork. He gives his fans the comfort of home, the feeling of a carefree childhood, when the world seemed simpler and all the colors-brighter.

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Bauhaus style

Bauhaus-interior for practical, economical, punctual Laconic style is alien to the desire for luxury. Bauhaus absorbed the features of the German mentality. Practicality, ergonomics, aesthetics make it popular, versatile. The style is actively used for the arrangement of multifunctional premises.

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Bungalow style

Bungalow-style for fans of the good old days. The direction is very popular in America. The Bungalow is a symbol of the dream of a resort Paradise. In Europe, the style came relatively recently. The inhabitants of the Old World were able to do the incredible: they adapted the Bungalow to the realities of city […]

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Memphis Style: a bright celebration of freedom every day The direction is experiencing its second wave. Courage, maximum self-expression, revolutionary character, and recognition distinguish Memphis-style interior design.

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Art Deco

The name of the style “Art Deco” literally translated from French means “decorative art”. Despite the uncomplicated name, it hides the luxury and sophistication, sophistication and perfection of each linnia.

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Technological progress is rapidly absorbing all the Islands of wildlife in our lives. Interior style bionic contrary strive to contribute to everyday existence as much as possible naturalness. The main concept of bionic style is to preserve the natural beauty with modern technologies.

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бионика в интерьере
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