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How to choose the right interior style to interior decoration, furniture, accessories looked harmonious? All answers – on the site PROINTERIOR.INFO! the photoblog provides up-to-date, useful, understandable information about interior design styles: from super — popular to little-known. Any article can be compared with the advice of a professional designer. You get it absolutely free. Description of each style is accompanied by unique photos, with whose help it is easy to understand the features of the most complex design. Your feedback is a source of new themes for the site.

английский стиль в интерьере


English style in the interior. Psychologists say that the style of the house-the key to the inner world of its owners, their characters, Hobbies, habits. Unsuccessful interior design can cause constant discomfort, so the choice of style should be treated carefully.

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Rustic style: the rough interior has its own appeal! The name of the design direction was given by the French. Rustic is ideal for fans of eco-materials and rural life. People tend to yearn for the past, to idealize rural antiquity. This quality of the human soul became the starting point for the style.

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рустик в интерьере
канадский стиль в интерьере


Since the 60s of the XX century, Canada began to position the policy of multiculturalism and some eclectic mix began to appear in the interiors. In addition, the formation of the canadian style was greatly influenced by Celtic folklore, Gallo-Romanesque themes, and national motifs of both indigenous and immigrant populations.

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Victorian style: the perfect interior for connoisseurs of noble luxury Queen Victoria was a symbol of Britain’s prosperity. Not surprisingly, a design style is named after her. Victorian fashion prevailed in the nineteenth century, but it also found a worthy place in the new Millennium.

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викторианский стиль в интерьере
адирондак в интерьере


The Adirondacks: a style of interior design for residents with rural soul. The direction absorbed the design ideas of the Old and New World. The Adirondack was born in 1800, and its popularity is growing. Amazing style combines elements of country, Chalet, rustic, embodied the spirit of American pragmatism, became a symbol of overseas luxury.

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Avant-garde style

Avant-garde style in the interior: bold, unique, chic Where to escape from boring everyday life? In an apartment or a house where the avant-garde reigns. Interior style is suitable for residential and non-residential premises, is not limited to stereotypes, plays bright colors, incongruous materials. He is always extravagant, chic and surprisingly harmonious.

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авангард в интерьере
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