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русский стиль в интерьере


Despite the huge variety of interior styles in our time, the Russian style still managed to be preserved, although not in all its manifestations. Let’s look at some of them:

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Disco style-a mix of riot of colors and nostalgia There is a stereotype: the disco-style interior is suitable for cafes, restaurants, clubs. Why do the owners of houses and apartments choose it? The style is dominated by the spirit of the dance floor, bright colors, interesting lighting solutions, glossy surfaces. Disco is a strange nostalgia […]

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диско в интерьере
дзен в интерьере


Zen style: harmony and understatement — “highlights” of the Eastern interior To make the room look elegant, it is not necessary to fill it with expensive things. The Zen style is proof of that. It belongs to the group of Eastern design trends, tends to minimalism, turns rooms into oases, where the soul rests from […]

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Neoclassicism-it combines the features of several design trends: classics, antiquity, Renaissance, minimalism. Neoclassicism gave new life to traditional interior solutions, when it seemed that the classics had exhausted themselves and the designers would not surprise the sophisticated luxury audience.

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неоклассицизм в интерьере
классический стиль в интерьере


Having started several centuries ago with the decoration of Palace premises and housing of famous people, the classic style can still become a worthy element of the interior, while combining favorably with components of other directions.

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Athens is the cradle of European culture. In General, how did it happen that Greece in ancient times won the love of the entire European community? The art of Greece greatly influenced the further development of European cultural values.

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греческий стиль в интерьере
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