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минимализм в интерьере


Minimalism in the interior. The style of minimalism (minim minimus, which means the smallest) was born in the 20s of the twentieth century. Its main feature is maximum simplicity and functionality. Minimalism combines artificial and natural materials, simple shapes and straight lines, as well as strict and restrained colors.

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High tech

In the modern world, there are many styles and interior designs, but the high-tech style deserves special attention (approx. Hi-Tech Author). Hi-tech-this style implies something new and unusual. It was developed during the period of scientific discoveries and achievements. Most likely, this is where its unique designs are taken.

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хай тек в интерьере
гранж в интерьере


Provincial classicism – decor in the style of grunge. The grunge style came to us from France. It is strangely intertwined with the simplicity of provincial classics and rustic style, there is no false luxury-ornate carvings on the furniture and ornate baguettes.

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Futurism (from the Latin futurum-future) is an interior style, the slogan of which is the phrase “the future has come”. It was created as a completely new direction in design that will not follow the canons of established styles.

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футуризм в интерьере
китч в интерьере

Kitsch style

The name of the kitsch style has German roots (K kitsch) and is translated as tasteless or cheap. In the interior, the kitsch style is an expression of the mass culture of the consumer era. It is based on the desire to look richer and more status, using cheap things and materials.

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Eco style

Harmony with nature in eco style. Eco style (from the Greek word eikos, which means house) is an interior style, the main philosophical line of which is the unity of man with nature. When creating it, only natural materials are used, including live plants.

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эко стиль в интерьере
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