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Interior design style

PROINTERIOR.INFO Creating a new interior design is easy!

How to choose the right interior style to interior decoration, furniture, accessories looked harmonious? All answers – on the site PROINTERIOR.INFO! the photoblog provides up-to-date, useful, understandable information about interior design styles: from super — popular to little-known. Any article can be compared with the advice of a professional designer. You get it absolutely free. Description of each style is accompanied by unique photos, with whose help it is easy to understand the features of the most complex design. Your feedback is a source of new themes for the site.

оп-арт в интерьере


Op-art style: illusions reign in the interior Do you want to feel like Alice from Wonderland, to find yourself in the looking glass? Feel free to choose op-art and do not complain when the abundance of optical illusions makes your head spin! This direction is not suitable for fans of standard solutions. Op-art is a […]

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индейский интерьер

Native american interior

Do you want an update and new experiences? You may be interested in Indian style, full of exotic colors. In addition, the Indian interior is one of the most unusual solutions.

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модерн (ар-нуво) в интерьере

Modern (Art Nouveau)

Modern-functionality and practicality in everything One of the most versatile styles in interior design is Modern. This conclusion is obvious if you know that the most important thing in it is the functionality of all elements in the design and practicality.

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Contemporary-comfortable style without borders? The direction has incorporated features of different design styles – with the exception of high-tech and minimalism. The lack of luxury, simplicity, and comfort have become the hallmark of contemporary art. Style can help you effectively organize space even in the smallest, most uncomfortable room. Year of birth unknown? It is […]

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контемпорари в интерьере
колониальный стиль в интерьере


The colonial style originated in Eastern Europe, where it is still popular today. It is possible to recreate it only in a spacious and bright room, and the luxury and sophistication of interior solutions is more suitable for a country estate than for a city apartment.

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мексиканский стиль в интерьере


Mexican style. The traditions of the native Indians combined with the culture of the ancient Spaniards helped the origin of the Mexican style. The design is based on the attributes of the Aztecs-pyramids, carved stelae made of stone, and the Spaniards-brightly painted pieces of furniture made of wood, faded plaster.

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Ideas for home

Ideas from PROINTERIOR.INFO: we make your dreams come true!

Comfort can be created even with modest financial opportunities. Buying expensive furniture, accessories, finishing materials does not guarantee that the new interior will be successful. In photoblog PROINTERIOR.INFO collected practical tips, experience of professional designers and Amateurs. You will not make mistakes when creating, changing the interior of an apartment, house or office, if you listen to us. The resource has articles about landscaping, exterior design, selection of construction and finishing materials, installation of communications. Have you come up with a non-standard design solution? Tell us about it in the photoblog. The site for creative people always has a green light!

стол из эпоксидки

Furniture made of epoxy resin

Post for those who want to be closer to nature. Let’s start with the fact that at one time one of these nature lovers created the TryWood technology – the production of tables made of wood and artistic epoxy resin. And some history.

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бамбук в интерьере

Bamboo in the interior

The use of bamboo in interior design. Bamboo has long been popular in our country along with rattan. This is despite the fact that both are not typical for our area. The plant is unique, it is easy to find many applications in the design of the room.

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White interior

As a rule, when planning a home decoration, we try to choose between warm and cold colors. But for many people, the favorite color in interior decoration is white.

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For many decades, cast-iron batteries have been used for heating rooms. They have proven themselves on the positive side, because thanks to their material and its technical characteristics, they are able to bring warmth and comfort to the house.

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Old interior

Charm and mystery of abandoned houses. Old and abandoned houses always look mystical. People left them a few decades ago, but the atmosphere that prevailed in them at the time of dawn, remains for many centuries.

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How to do this

Articles include technologies, master classes and professional advice, as well as non-standard solutions in creating an interior. So, let’s talk about how to do this…

делаем стол из эпоксидки

We make a table from slab and epoxy resin

Table from slab and epoxy resin. So, let’s leave any preface like what is epoxy resin and about how furniture made of epoxy and wood have long been an absolute trend all over the world and turn directly to the question “how to do it”, i.e. we need instructions.

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